Welcome 2017! We wish you all a wonderful and fruitful New Year.

We have many great new changes to announce for 2017 that should help you maintain a prosperous website with as few restrictions as possible. Most hosts have a large amount of restrictions on their users; we pride ourselves by having as few as possible while still maintaining a secure environment.

For 2017 we have added these great features and they are all free to use.

* We would like to begin with our new and FREE website builder; we have teamed up with SiteMush whom produce a one of a kind website builder based on WordPress themes. It is amazing and very easy to use; it has about a 30 minute to 1 hour learning curve after which you can produce SEO friendly websites within a short period of time. We offer it to our users for free.

* In your cPanel you have the ability to choose your own PHP versions, its modules and the php.ini settings, now we are very happy to announce you now have the ability to choose: a Ruby and Python version. These might not be of use to those whom aren’t into developing their own scripts but to the developers this is a huge addition. You will find the icons in your cPanel.

* Metrics – In your cPanel you have a resource usage overview, This gives you Resource Usage Overview so you can watch were your website is overusing its resources, this is a good idea in case your usage grows so much you will be prepared to grow with it.

* With IDC Thailand systems we dedicate resources to each user that no other user can use, if a single user depletes all of their resources their website slows down while the rest keep going unaffected. We provide a large amount of resources per user which in many cases is 4x the amount other shared hosts provide.

* Spam mail, we have added a new spam system with artificial intelligence, the system learns as time goes on. Because of user settings and how users deal with their spam mail. There is a section in your cPanel mail settings to configure spam and to also create whitelists/blacklists, you can create a strong deterrent against spam by taking a little time to configure what is good mail and what is not.

*Gmail “Remote”, if you use Google mail and prefer your mail to be sent there then you can use this to automatically set it up for you with a few clicks.

* FileCleaner – Scan your account for unused or forgotten files. Run a scan and you will know within seconds how much disk space you can clean up.

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